About us

About Cell UK Ministries

We exist to promote a vision. This vision, we believe, comes from the heart of God and will help bring about a church that is contemporary to our culture but Biblical and radical in its nature.

Jesus was asked, “what is the most important” and he gave us the great commandment, “you whall love the lord your God with all your heart, soul and strength and you shall love your neighbour as yourself.” This commandment is for every member of the church from the youngest through to the oldest.

We believe that for this to be a reality we need a church where we worship together, have teaching and do all the things that are familiar to us when that word ‘church’ comes into our minds, but we also believe that church should be a community where we meet in our cells – a dynamic small group – and this small group will empower us. It holds us accountable to live out the vision of loving God, loving one another and loving a lost world.

The following is the DNA of a cell group. If we are in a group where we just look at the word, this is a Bible study group. It is a good thing but we believe God’s vision is for something more. If we meet in a group where we love God and love one another this is perhaps a house group or a dynamic small group of the past. This is also good but God wants more. If we are in a group where we also love our lost world, both relationally and institutionally, where Christians are empowered to be missional and make a difference, this is a cell and a cell church is where the corporate and the community are the two wings of the church, of equal importance. Both are church and with these two wings we can fly and do the will and purpose of God.

The idea is also about participation. It is every member in ministry. We have had 1700 years where leaders have been the building block of church, the key figures, and the heroes. We believe that leaders are still very important but if leaders were going to change the world it would already have happened. We believe God’s vision is to release his body; that every Christian is a hero and every Christian can be a full-time Christian worker. Every one of us empowered to love God, to love one another and to love a lost world.

  • We exist to promote and encourage the development of these holistic small group/cell group churches. We seek to facilitate church that believes in discipleship and people power, empowering people to be salt and light in their every day lives to be missional in the relationships God has given them.
  • We promote a range of booklets and books that make these ideas a reality and are there to help those who are coming to the idea for the first time, but also those who for some while have been seeking to develop these kinds of churches. All this material can be seen on our website.
  • Also on our website are many articles and resources ranging from outlines of cell meetings, creative ice breakers and worship ideas, lessons we have learnt over the years of what helps this kind of church to grow and develop, stories of other churches on this journey and regular articles from key leaders involved in this movement.
  • Courses – we run a number of training days that are available to churches. We can come to you and run a training day which could include one or a number of streams, for example:¬†cell, youth cells, being missional, and evangelism in a post modern culture; more details of what we offer is available on our website. This list is not exhaustive so feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss what we can offer you. We also aim to run at least two of these days a year here at Harpenden.