Who’s who


Cell UK comprises a small team of six people

Laurence Singlehurst

Laurence is Director of Cell UK and former Director of Youth with a Mission, England. He is a regular speaker at national events such as Spring Harvest and cell conferences worldwide. His particular passion is equipping churches to reach their communities, with an emphasis on network evangelism empowered by cell church structure. Laurence is the author of several books including Loving the Lost, Sowing Reaping Keeping, and The Gospel Message Today.

Trevor Withers

Trevor is part of the leadership team of the Network Church in St Albans and leads the executive team of Cell UK. Building on the foundations of the Church Planting and Evangelism Course he completed at Spurgeon’s College, his experience in church planting and leading at every level within a cell church forms the basis of his contribution to those developing the model in their churches.


Genevra Mann – Publishes Cell UK’s books and manuals and updates the website.

Pam Withers – Runs the book shop and handles the finances

Louise Chick – PR and marketing