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Awakening Spiritual Hunger

A shorter version of this article was published in issue 47 of our magazine.

Laurence Singlehurst and  Trevor Withers explore how we can encourage a thirst for God.

Awakening spiritual hunger in our non-Christian friends is the unexplored great challenge that faces the church, as far as mission is concerned. 

What does this mean?  In a sense, once we become missional and we begin to make caring connections with non-Christians around us, this becomes relatively easy and, through Alpha, seeing people come to faith has become much easier.  The hard bit is the bit in the middle – we all have lots of friends who have no spiritual interest at all, or very little, and they don’t understand enough or have enough spiritual hunger to go on Alpha.  read more

How do I change a nation for Jesus?

Luke Smith shares his passion for connecting students with local church

It is make or break for the church. This is a crucial generation. Let’s not drop the ball, the baton or the baby! The students of today are the leaders and shapers of tomorrow. They will make the society that our kids grow up in. The question is, will they do this with Jesus at the centre of their existence or not?   read more

Cell – a healing family

Gary Sweeten describes a strategy for healing and wholeness within the context of a loving small group community

Many people are not able to reach their potential and participate fully in life because they are unable to overcome hurdles that prevent their growth. Gary Sweeten shows how healthy cells can help with this, and highlights other resources that are required to help. read more…

Staying on course

Laurence Singlehurst helps us navigate tricky waters and adverse currents

One of my great privileges is to go around churches and observe as they go through the challenge of change. This challenge often represents itself as a new vision, a dream: a dream of mobilising church members; a dream of a greater depth and spirituality in connection with God; a dream of more effective mission; of church members connected to their friends and neighbours; of new projects and influence into our community. This new dream inspires and challenges.  read more

Exploring small group community

Gill Trumble shares about a new small group project in her church

I have been involved with small group work for many years, and have started groups, led, coached, advised and trained groups, and contributed at different levels.

Recently however, we found that what seemed to work in my church was a group formed initially of three couples who shared the same values, meet regularly for meals, social events, discussion, prayer support, encouragement, holding each other accountable through developing intimacy and trust, maintaining a close knit community. read more