Training and Events

Training for everyone

We offer practical hands on training that encourages growth and development for everyone.

Our training days are shaped around 5 key areas and often days have a number of these running together.

  • Small groups - Training for cell/small groups leaders and those coaching these groups.
  • Values based discipleshipHow do we disciple in our new post modern environment? Psychologists tell us that our actions are the result of our beliefs and our values. As Christians we still sometimes fall into the trap of seeking to disciple by telling people what to do. This was once effective because those core values were part of society, but we believe this approach is not effective today. Laurence Singlehurst will give practical and very applicable models of how we can both be discipled ourselves and help others change and grow in this post modern world.
  • Sowing Reaping Keeping - People sensitive evangelism. A day for everyone to help explore what it really means to love people, to love our community and to fulfil our responsibility to share what we believe.
  • Workplace – 4Work - In the last few years the workplace as ministry, every Christian taking Jesus to work and making a difference by being salt and light has become a clearer clarion call from God through Mark Greene of LICC and many others. We believe in empowering every Christian to love the lost both institutionally and relationally and loving our workplace, taking Christian values to work, is essential.
  • Hope – The Hope initiative has been promoted through Hope 08 and now through Hope Together and is missional ideas that work. They work for individuals, for small groups, for churches and as we work together with other churches. The vision of Hope is to do more, to do it together, and to do it in word and deed, in towns, cities and villages. Hope realises that every Christian has to be empowered and equipped to be missional. Therefore, we will hold a new stream in our training days that enables people, under the banner of Hope, to be missional and explains how the Hope ideas and dynamics work.

We also offer training and conferences in partnership with other related organisations.