Cell/Small Group Training

Cell/Small Group Training

Saturday 20 June 2015 – 10.00am – 4.00pm

       Harpenden, Herts

Cost:            £25 per person -please bring your own lunch – hot drinks will be provided

A stimulating day for anybody involved in or wanting to learn about cells and small groups, including current or prospective leaders and members of small groups. This day will consist of four interactive sessions led by Trevor Withers and Laurence Singlehurst. 

Come away for a day to leafy Hertfordshire. 

Come as a group to this different space – why not make it an outing!

Book online here or email celluk@oval.com or call 01582 463232

Programme for the day

This day is suitable for everyone running cells or small groups including future potential cell/small group leaders and those looking to develop their understanding and level of skill.

We will all be training together in the morning, and in the afternoon we will offer a choice of topics. There is no need to choose topics before the day. All sessions will seek to be participative and give opportunities for feedback and questions.


Session 1: Beliefs and Values
This will look at the beliefs and values behind holistic small groups with a missional heartbeat, how these values impact us as leaders and what they look like in our small groups.

Session 2: Being Missional
This will look at what it means for every church member to be missional, how the groups empower their members in effective people-based evangelism, both at work and in their locality.


Session 3:

Choose either …      

A demonstration cell group     OR
Answers to the ten most regularly asked questions about how cell/small groups work.

Session 4:

Choose either …

A workshop for coaches and supervisors  OR
Use of the Bible in small groups: how we encourage participation, how we think of application and ministry.