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40 Creative Worship Ideas for Small Groups


We believe that over the last fifteen years we in the cell movement have made a major contribution to worship by pioneering creative, and mainly non musical, worship ideas for small groups.

Week by week as different people have been responsible for the worship section in their group, they have sought God, put their creativity to good use, and have come up with many dynamic and creative ideas.

We are very excited to say that we have brought together 40 of these ideas, which we now offer printed on cards, each with a photo and presented in an attractive durable tin – see example below and details on how to order.

These worship cards have been organised into six streams, representing a breadth of worship styles:

  • The Contemplative stream focuses upon prayer and intimacy with God, our longing for a deep and vital Christian experience.
  • The Holiness stream addresses personal transformation and trains us in godliness.
  • The Charismatic stream develops our awareness of the immediacy of God’s presence among his people.
  • The Social Justice stream is based upon compassion and justice in our relationships and the wider society and culture in which we live.
  • The Evangelical stream puts God’s word in the centre of life and proclaims the gospel.
  • The Incarnational stream allows us to see God active in the ordinary and the everyday.

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This resource has obviously been developed out of the cell movement, but any small groups will find these creative worship ideas helpful, and fantastic to use.

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