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Great Special Offers

The following special offers are available to order from our shop by following the specific links below:

1.   Buy Sowing Reaping Keeping and receive a Study Guide FREE!

Sowing Reaping Keeping. This book will help us explore what it really means to love people and fulfil our responsibility to share what we believe. It is not full of technical terms and complicated methods but simply explores what it means to sow the seed of faith, to reap the harvest and to nurture the fruit as it grows. Sow, Reap, Keep.

The 40 day Guide. Revolutionise your group’s outreach by getting to grips with the values and principles in Sowing Reaping Keeping. This study guide suggests that your group members read the book in stages, giving daily questions to stimulate processing the material individually over five days in a week. When the group gathers there is material to work through and challenges to pick up.

Available here for £8.99  +p&p (normally £11.99 when bought together)

srk-and-gospel-today2.   Sowing Reaping Keeping PLUS The Gospel Message Today

Click here to purchase both together for £10 + p&p(usual price when bought separately £12.94 + p&p)

small-groups-offer3.  Small Groups Special Offer

Three of our popular resources for small groups, 40 Creative Worship Ideas, 40 Missional Ideas and Icebreaker playing cards, available together for £31.99 +p&p


4.  Who’s Shaping You

whos-shaping-youGraham Cray here describes a radical way of life based on Biblical thinking which he sees is necessary if we are to impact our world. He encourages us to allow Jesus to infect the whole of our lives and to live those lives openly in front of those we come across day by day.

Special offer price of £1.00 + p&p (normally £4.25)

5.  House to House

House to House documents how God called a fellowship of young believers in Pennsylvania, USA, to become an international house-to-house movement. Larry Kreider looks at a number of issues, including how to lead a cell group effectively, reaching the lost through cells and how to operate as a leadership team.

Special offer price of £2.00 + p&p (normally £6.99)

6.  12½ Steps to Spiritual Health

This is a powerful course for new Christians and mature believers alike, designed to clear the rubbish out of our lives and help us grow towards spiritual maturity. Howard Astin takes us through each of the steps and gives instructions at the end of each chapter to enable us to move forward and deal with the issues that will surface. Our promise is freedom in Christ.

Special offer price of £4.50 +p&p (normally £7.99)

7.  Simply Cell

Simply Cell is written for those who are just beginning their journey with small groups, whether deciding to join a group or having recently joined one. It can also help to remind experienced members what groups are all about. It gives guidance to enable new members to make their contribution and to understand how groups fit into the church as a whole.

Special offer price of £2.00 +p&p (normally £4.00)

8.  Equipping future Cell Leaders

Developing leaders is at the heart of the cell model. This course has been designed to equip leaders to do more than lead a structured cell meeting. It is developed from the values base of the cell model and as such is an opportunity to establish the plumb-line of cell for the new cell leaders. It will help to correct the weaknesses in their experience of cell life through taking part over 8 sessions in cell meetings which are thoroughly evaluated. Contains cell outlines for each training session, trainer’s notes and evaluation material.

Special offer price of £2.00 +p&p (normally £4.25)

9.  Cell Planting

A cell plant is a new cell group which has been grown by a cell planting ream reaching out through relationship to those in a geographical area or through their relational networks, often around a common interest. This booklet leads us through chapters on:

  • The idea of cell planting
  • Who to plant and where
  • How to plant
  • Support through the process

Special offer price of £2.00 +p&p (normally £4.25)

4lifeoffer10. 4Life and Group notes

Want to go deeper with God or refresh your faith? 4Life is full of honesty, passion and humour, and seeks to give a solid foundation for practical Christian living today. Group notes give outlines for using 4Life in small groups. All prices are subject to p&p.

4 Life Offer 1: Six copies of 4Life and a Group Notes. Offer price £27.00 (Normally £33.20)

4 Life Offer 2: Ten copies of 4Life and a Group Notes. Offer price £40.00 (Normally £53.00)

4 Life Offer 3: Eight copies of 4Life and a Group Notes. Offer price £35.00 (Normally £43.10)