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Discipleship Deck


52 cards for use in any discipleship context, and a very useful small group resource.

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Here is a fantastic new product from our friends at Fusion: a pack of 52 cards, each containing a question or challenge about 4 main areas of discipleship:

  • Hearts – questions about relationships
  • Spades – questions about lifestyle
  • Diamonds – questions about spiritual growth
  • Clubs – questions about mission

How would you use these cards? They can be used in any discipleship context, but we think they also lend themselves exceedingly well to small groups:

Hearts, Spades and Diamonds will make fantastic ice-breakers for the welcome section of your small group meeting. The questions are thoughtful and challenging.

Clubs would obviously be very suitable for the witness section of the meeting, you could ask the question and then discuss, pray, and commit to take whatever action is appropriate.

This Discipleship Deck gives your small groups a great new resource. And if each group has a pack of cards it makes it very easy for members to participate by leading one of the sections of your small group meeting.