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Sowing Reaping Keeping and Study Guide Special Offer

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Sowing Reaping Keeping
Author: Laurence Singlehurst
This book will help us explore what it really means to love people and fulfil our responsibility to share what we believe. It is not full of technical terms and complicated methods but simply explores what it means to sow the seed of faith, to reap the harvest and to nurture the fruit as it grows. Sow, Reap, Keep.

Study Guide
Authors: Liz West with Trevor Withers
Revolutionise your group’s outreach by getting to grips with the values and principles in Sowing Reaping Keeping. This study guide suggests that your group members read the book in stages, giving daily questions to stimulate processing the material individually over five days in a week. When the group gathers there is material to work through and challenges to pick up.

Click here for a Powerpoint produced by the Baptist Union which you may find helpful.