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The Lost Generation


by Laurence Singlehurst and Laura Hancock

Understanding why young people leave church and how to help them stay.

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As the rate of young people leaving church – and for some, faith itself – reaches crisis levels, how can youth workers, church leaders and parents alike learn from the examples of good practice and reverse the decline?

This two-part study examines the contemporary landscape of a generation growing up in a more connected and secular world than any before. It then explores a wealth of material for implementing a curriculum-based approach to youth work.

Laurence Singlehurst is the author of books including ‘Sowing Reaping Keeping’ and ‘The Gospel Message Today’. He is a director of Cell UK, chairman of the trustees for Westminster Theological Centre, and a member of the leadership team for Hope Together.

Laura Hancock is the director at British Youth for Christ, developing a national discipleship curriculum, and is one of the UK’s leading Christian thinkers and practitioners in youth work.