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40 more Creative Worship Ideas for Small Groups

Building on the success of our first tin of 40 Creative Worship Ideas for Small Groups, we are delighted to offer this second tin with 40 more ideas.

Each postcard in this set contains a fantastic idea for non-musical worship designed for small groups, with an attractive picture to help stimulate your thinking and your worship. Example below:

These cards are designed to help make worship become a regular part of your group, by giving ideas which do not involve singing, which can often be a challenge in small groups.

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We all connect with God in different ways, so this includes a range of ideas with the hope that everyone in your group can lead worship confidently. The cards cover a broad range of approaches to Christian worship, and are grouped under the following headings:

* Our Lives
* Scripture
* Objects
* Words
* The Natural World
* Games
* ‘I Am’ Sayings
* Hymn Story

As with our first set of Worship Cards, we have drawn from the wonderful creativity in the body of Christ, so this new set includes ideas from a range of different contributors. So whatever your small group is called, you can have a five or ten minute encounter with God by using these ideas.

We are delighted to be able to offer this second tin of 40 more Creative Worship Ideas, to help your group members connect with God and experience all sorts of creative ways to worship him. We highly recommend this as a resource for your small group, and as a great way to start your group.