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Books that create Spiritual Interest

Books that create spiritual interest for your unchurched friends

In discussion with many of you I have discovered that we all have a common challenge – we have increased our connectedness to the world around us and have many friends who come from an unchurched background and to whom we mention our Christian experience as and when appropriate. However, these friends are still a long way from wanting to attend Alpha or any other big Christian event, so how can we awaken spiritual interest in them?

Historically the Christian church has been aware of this and, during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, John Wesley, Hannah More, and many others wrote books and pamphlets on every conceivable subject that contained Christian content. These materials created spiritual interest. Later on in the nineteenth century writers like Emma Worboise wrote fiction which was specifically intended to create spiritual hunger – including a book called ‘Singlehurst Manor’: A story of country life!

I believe we need similar materials today – therefore, on this page, you will find recommendations of resources  from Christian leaders that you can use to stimulate spiritual interest in your unchurched friends.


the-reason-for-godThe Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Scepticism
by Timothy Keller
A best seller, and rightly so, widely read and respected by believers and sceptics alike. The first part of the book examines seven of the most common objections and doubts about Christianity, while the second part explores seven reasons to believe in the claims of the Christian faith. Compelling without being forceful, Keller writes with intelligence, elegance and compassion, drawing on personal conversations as well as literature and philosophy.
Recommended by Antony Billington, LICC

porridge-and-passionPorridge and Passion
by Jonathan Aitken

This book is an example of how the mighty has fallen and how Jonathan Aitken, once a cabinet minister, finds himself in Belmarsh Prison. It tells the story of what it was like in the prison and how his newly found Christian faith was put to the test; would it sustain him, would it make a difference? This book is a great read about the ups and downs of his life, how he finds himself and begins to rebuild after his prison experience and how his faith and spirituality are all are a part of his story.
Recommended by Trevor Withers, Cell UK

the-book-of-booksThe Book of Books
The radical impact of the King James Bible 1611-2011
by Lord Melvyn Bragg

This is the book of the TV series by Lord Bragg. I watched his programme and was amazed at his positive and yet very honest support of the Kings James Bible explaining how this book has shaped society across the world – in his opinion for the best. I believe it will create spiritual interest in any who read it.

recommended by Laurence Singlehurst, Cell UK


letters-from-a-skepticLetters from a Skeptic
A son wrestles with his father’s questions about Christianity

by Dr. Gregory A. Boyd and Edward K. Boyd

In Letters to a Skeptic Greg Boyd writes to his father a series of letters in response to his father’s questions about the Christian faith.  These real life letters contain Greg’s well thought through and very honest approach to the many issues that sceptics have about faith in Jesus.  The book also contains his dad’s letters so the reader gets a real insight to the conversation that eventually led to Greg’s dad finding faith in Jesus. This is a stimulating and convincing read that covers the key topics that many in our world hold as objections to believing in God.  Not surprisingly it has sold over 250,000 copies.

Recommended by Trevor Withers, Cell UK