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Empowering People – the place of small groups in local church

Empowering People – the place of small groups in local church

Dear friend,

I am asked all the time what have we learnt in the last 20 years about holistic small groups with a missional heartbeat, sometimes called cells:

  • What has worked?
  • What has not worked?
  • What is the legacy?
  • Am I positive about the future?

All of these questions I have answered in my brand new booklet ‘Empowering People – The place of small groups in local church’ which is now available to download FREE from our website via this link…

Empowering People

If you would prefer a printed copy for £3.00 + P&P click here to order.

Over the years, while we in the UK have been contextualising cell – at times a painful journey – churches have, understandably, adapted and changed the style of their small groups.

We at Cell UK have also been adapting and developing the original idea, which you can see in our training booklets and material which are appropriate to the UK culture, and in our wide range of resources which can be used in all styles of participatory small groups.

I believe that church in the big and the small, i.e. in gathered congregations and in small groups, is as important now as ever.

I also believe that the future of church in the UK is about empowering people and keeping them empowered, in which case a small group strategy that works is absolutely essential.

This booklet contains lessons learned and ideas for the future to give churches and individuals like yourself the best practice for small groups.

The reason I am making this booklet available as a free download is that I would like to update it to include any lessons that you have learnt. 

So as you read the booklet you may feel that I have overlooked, missed out or ignored something important that might help healthy small groups in the United Kingdom; if so, I would love you to write to me at cellukpub@oval.com.

I will look at all your responses and in some way or other include them in a revised version of ‘Empowering People’, either as an appendix or weaved into the text. So this will provide a resource for people who are starting the small group journey, helping to give them a better start, as they can begin with lessons already learned rather than having to learn those lessons for themselves.

I believe this is a very worthwhile project and look forward to your thoughts and contributions.

Your friend,