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Developing my Group

Welcome to the Developing my Group page

If you are just starting a group, you may prefer to read our Starting a Small Group page instead.

Starting a group and seeing it gradually settle down is a very rewarding experience both for group members and for the leadership.

So maybe now is the time to start looking at developing the group and building up its effectiveness. We have some suggested areas that you may find helpful with this task.

Revisit Group Values

As you may recall when starting your group, the small groups that we encourage and support are based around biblical values, which we call:

  • All Involved
  • Becoming Disciples
  • Creating Community
  • Doing Evangelism
  • Encountering God

One way of looking at your group’s development is to enable these values to be alive and well in your group. This will help your group to be well balanced and healthy whilst having a missional heartbeat.

Have a fresh look at our Small Group Values pages to remind yourself of these, and consider how well these values are operating within the group.

Sticking Points for Groups

Groups can get stuck, they level off or don’t move beyond a particular stage of development.

This is a sociological fact and applies to all sorts of groups. Your church small group is likely to have similar experiences and get stuck.

You need to be aware of this and understand how to deal with it.

We have some helpful pointers to enable your group to grow through and move beyond its particular level of engagement.  Read more…

Evaluate Your Group

You may wish to consider performing a more in-depth, participative evaluation of your group around the above biblical values, allowing group members to provide their views.

We have put together the tools to allow you to do a group survey of these values, that you can use in your group to see how it is doing.  Click here to download a pdf of our values evaluation survey forms.


Helpful Resources

Each of the detailed pages referenced above gives information on helpful resources relating to that specific subject. Some more general area-related resources are shown below.

Please browse our shop for more resources.

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