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Small Group Values

The small groups that we encourage and support are based around a number of biblical values. These are the bedrock of how the groups should operate throughout their lifetime.

You should strive to enable these values to be alive and well within your group. This will help your group to be well balanced and healthy, whilst having a missional heartbeat.

Below are brief summaries of the key values we espouse within small groups. Follow the relevant links to learn more about each value.

A is for: All Involved

One of the secrets of the small group idea is that it enables everyone in the group to actively participate. It is not just a case of hearing the leader’s voice.

We must all be encouraged to participate. Read more

B is for: Becoming Disciples

Small groups are places where discipleship can happen effectively. They create open and honest environments.

Here we can be challenged and encouraged to grow in our faith and walk with God and others. Read more

C is for: Creating Community

We are designed to live in relationship with each other, and in this way we demonstrate something of the heart of the God we believe in, who himself lives in community as Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Our small groups can be places where authentic community can be nurtured. Read more

D is for: Developing Evangelism

We are all called to be witnesses, to live out and share our faith with those around us.

Our small group can help us do this effectively in ways that are natural to us and help to encourage us to see others discover God for themselves. Read more

E is for: Encountering God

One of the great things about our Christian faith is that we believe in a God who reveals himself to us and wants to be known by us.

Whilst we often encounter God on our own there is an added dimension to that encounter when we meet with others. We can better encounter God in our small group as he often speaks to us through each other. Read more

Helpful Resources

Each of the detailed value pages referenced above gives information on helpful resources relating to that specific value. Some more general values-related resources are shown below.

  • Laurence’s excellent booklet, Small Groups – An Introduction, includes a discussion of each of the above values.
  • His Transforming Values book challenges us to think differently about our growth as Christians, asking us to think about our values rather than just trying to change our actions.
  • A set of 12 small group outlines to enable your group to work through these values is available here as downloadable pdfs

Please browse our shop for more resources.

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