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Group Values: B – Becoming Disciples

This group value is about helping us to become disciples of Jesus, not just hearing the Word but living it too.

To help understand the thinking behind this value, here is an extract from Laurence’s booklet, Small Groups – an Introduction, explaining this value.


Matthew 5:1 ‘His disciples came to him, and he began to teach them’

We know from this verse and many others that we are all called to be disciples, to be followers, and we can understand why this might be important, that we are, as scripture says, not just hearers, but doers of the word. That as much as possible we are seeking to put our Christianity into practice and this is important for all sorts of reasons.

It is our worship to God, but it is also in our post-modern and sceptical world, our most powerful witness. We live at a moment in history where, as a culture, we have become cynical about words. We are no longer prepared to trust words as we have seen too many instances of important people saying one thing and doing something quite different.

It is interesting that when the disciples of John came to Jesus and they asked ‘Are you the one?’ he didn’t give them a bible study, he said to them: tell John what you see, what you experience. The life of Jesus, his witness, his discipleship, spoke volumes.

So, in a small group we will all be on a journey, a pathway of discipleship and this perhaps will have some characteristics to it. This could be one of the very first places where we have the courage to be honest and ask for prayer because at times we all find the Christian life difficult.

This could be a place of honesty for us, this could be a place where we do not just hear scripture but we wrestle together to understand how that might work in our complex lives of today’s culture.

It is also a place, because we are on this journey with others, where we can experience the encouragement and the sense of togetherness. Holding each other accountable is a powerful experience in helping us to grow, to change, and to live out the Christian life.

Helpful Resources

Some of the key resources we offer in this area are shown below.

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  • Our Discipleship Deck cards each contain a question or challenge about the main areas of discipleship.
  • In the Who’s Shaping You? booklet, Bishop Graham Cray describes a radical way of life, based on Biblical thinking.
  • 4Life seeks to give a solid foundation for practical Christian living today. There are also some Group Notes that can be used to run a group on the 4Life principles.

Please browse our shop for more resources.

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