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Downloadable outlines for your small group

Here are 12 outlines for use in your small group. These cover the five core values of cell church and are ordered to give a natural development in values change as they are used.

The value to be covered is at the top of each page, followed by the 4W sections. As a guide, the Welcome should take 20 minutes, Worship 20 minutes, Word 40 minutes and Witness 20 minutes. You will find that the timing of these sections varies enormously and in the initial stages it will be important to spend an extended time with the ice-breaker.

Remember, as you give the various sections to members of your group, it is important to give feedback on how they have done. You may want to phone them the following day or have a brief conversation with them before you depart.

Week 1 Encountering God

Week 2 Creating Community

Week 3 All Involved

Week 4 All Involved

Week 5 Doing Evangelism

Week 6 Doing Evangelism

Week 7 Becoming Disciples

Week 8 Encountering God

Week 9 Encountering God

Week 10 Creating Community

Week 11 All Involved

Week 12 Becoming Disciples