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Supporting Small Groups

Welcome to the Supporting Small Groups page

This is the place to come if you are part of a leadership team and have established groups, but would like some advice on supporting them. If you are at an earlier stage, you may prefer to investigate our Starting or Developing a Group pages first.

We all need others to help us to do well and thrive.  This is certainly true when it comes to leading a small group.

It is a fact that many small group leaders feel unsupported and often describe what they do in leading a small group as unappreciated by the larger church and sadly sometimes the central church leadership.

Here are some suggested ways of supporting your groups:


Supporting small group leaders

Small groups are often the hidden engine of the church, helping their members grow and develop behind the scenes and enabling to live effectively for Jesus in every area of their lives. The small group leaders may not get the support and focus of central leadership that more public areas of church life receive.  So we have to think about giving this area our attention along with other aspects and ensure that the leaders are equipped and supported so they and their groups can thrive and flourish. Read more…


A second connection often comes in the form of a coach or support person for the group and its leader.  This can happen in a number of ways so we will explore a few here and you can work with whatever suits your situation or is appropriate in your particular church culture. Read more…

Challenging situations

Many small groups struggle because they have challenging situations that revolve around particular individuals either on an ongoing basis or for a particular season of an individual’s life.  We all have challenging moments in our lives often when pain on one form or another comes and knocks on our door. Read more…

Being part of a team

It is important for many small group leaders to know that they are part of a team of other leaders who are also running small groups.  This gives a sense of shared ownership of this part of the church’s life and stops those leading feeling as if they are out there doing it alone.  To this end there are a number of things that can create this sense of team.  Here are a few that you may like to consider: Read more…

Helpful Resources

Each of the detailed pages referenced above gives information on helpful resources relating to that specific subject. Some more general area-related resources are shown below.

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