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Being Part of a Team

Gather small group leaders for ongoing training, this can be in your own setting or indeed joining the regular training sessions run by Cell UK. Topics to look at can be sought from the leaders themselves if you are planning to run the training yourself as they often have an idea of where they would appreciate more input.

Gather small group leaders for feedback and prayer.  A number of churches do this on a Sunday evening or over a Saturday morning breakfast.  This often involves hearing from each group about how the last few weeks have been.  It is a good place to feed back on how the Sunday morning teaching has been applied in the groups and issues that have come up that may need addressing in a future teaching series.  It is a good place to hear how other groups are doing and share good practice and ideas that have worked well in other groups whether they be around worship, outreach etc.  This cross pollination builds quite a strong sense of team amongst the leaders as they encourage and support each other in sharing ideas.

An away day or weekend, this can have a mixture of content covering such areas as worshipping and praying together, having some teaching input and time for revitalisation and refreshment.  Giving space for conversations and fun activities together, out for a walk, a few board games a creative activity etc.  All this builds team and gives a context for support and relationships to develop.

Involving this group in the decision making process of the life of the church.  Some Churches see their small group leaders as part of an extended leadership team. This often happens in an informal way but is invaluable as this group of leaders are often in touch with insights and feelings of the members of their groups that are helpful to bring to the table.  Also these leaders can carry a sense of vision from the centre of the church into their small groups so a two way flow can happen here.