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Training Overview

Cell UK Training 

Cell UK has always recognised the need for good practical training that enables the body of Christ to be mobilised to see his kingdom come.  With this in mind we have focused on a number of areas that we offer training in, and as part of our desire to make this accessible have created different formats.  The following is an outline of some of the training we are currently offering.  We are always happy to be approached to create something for your particular situation and needs so don’t hesitate to contact us.

It is our aim to offer this training in two ways. One based on site here in Harpenden (click here to see our current training opportunities). The second is where we come to you either on a totally in house basis or where you open the training up to others in your area.

Saturday training mornings 

1  SMALL GROUPS       Three modules each with three sessions

Module 1 – Why small groups

Why small groups – Biblical perspective and DNA.
The Biblical essence of small groups.
Values of small groups.

Module 2 – Values that support small groups

The values worked out. Leadership and structure of the group.
Trial groups.
The dynamics of a group. Leadership skills identified.

Module 3 – How small groups empower mission

The missional challenge and environment. The Talking Jesus research.
Equipping group members for their front line & missional purpose.
Best practice of mission in small groups.

2  EMPOWERING PEOPLE       Three modules each with three sessions

Module 1 – Empowering People

God’s desire for participation
Early Church history
Creating a people movement

Module 2 – Empowered Discipleship

Values based discipleship
Post Modernity and the Christian
Working it out

Module 3 – Empowered Mission

The Talking Jesus research
The ‘Come and Go of Mission’
The missional jigsaw

Values based Discipleship

Based around Laurence Singlehurst’s book ‘Transforming Values’, this training day challenges us to think differently about our growth as Christians, and asks us to think about our values rather than just trying to change our actions. Full of practical advice, wit and great stories.

Missional ideas and practices

Looking at the challenges we face as we live out and share our faith in the 21st century. Exploring what works well today, and why. Practical insights from Trevor and Laurence’s experience, and reflections from our rich Christian heritage. The sessions are as follows:

The principles of contextualisation

  • What does mission look like today?
  • Mission and the place of small groups
  • Words of the Gospel

Communicating the Gospel in today’s world

In a postmodern, unchurched, multi-faith and multi-racial society, it is more important than ever to articulate the enduring message of the Gospel in language that can be understood by the culture around us. This training day explores a new set of contextually appropriate metaphors and terms in order to communicate the truths at the heart of the gospel.

  • Unpacking the challenge
  • The component parts of the message
  • The Jesus proposition

Preaching and Teaching training

The purpose of this day is to inspire people to preach and teach with a particular emphasis on young people especially young women.  It is our hope that this material will demystify and make practical and, therefore, obtainable the ability to preach and teach.

In the course of the day we are going to look at four areas:-

  • Content – where it comes from and how we can make it dynamic and relevant.
  • Communication – what are the skills of good communication and what can be learned from bad communication?
  • Anointing – where does this come from. How do I know if I have it?
  • A practical preaching and teaching grid that gives you a framework in which to build your messages.