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Cell UK training resources

Practical tools for small groups

The following resources can be located in our shop

moving-to-cellsMoving to Cells

A simple step-by-step guide to enable you to develop healthy cells by using the prototype method. How many car manufacturers would build a production run of cars from the designer’s initial ideas?…    This book can now be viewed online. Click here for the pdf


Cell It

This is a manual for youth leaders who want to know how to start and develop youth cells. It explains why youth cells are a helpful way to disciple young people…


equipping-future-cellEquipping Future Cell Leaders

Developing leaders is at the heart of the cell model. This course has been designed to equip leaders to do more than lead a structured cell meeting…

evangelismthcellsEvangelism Through Cells

Loving people and reaching out is what we know we should do – but do we? this booklet contains practical strategies on how to reach out as individuals and groups…

eqtosuperviseEquipped to Supervise

Looking at the cell movement in the UK we have realised that supervision and coaching of cell leaders and their groups is essential. If a coach is not regularly visiting the cell and coaching the leader, both the group and the leader feel unsupported…

cell-plantingCell Planting

It is the purpose of this booklet to suggest an innovative way to ‘Go’, by planting new cell groups. A cell plant is a new cell group which has been grown by a cell planting team…  This book can now be viewed online. Click here for the pdf.