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Hosting a Training Day

Hosting a Cell UK Saturday training day for larger groups

We love to visit churches around the country who are willing to host one of our training days. The following guidelines might help as you think about whether you would like to do this.


  What Cell UK provides What you provide
Speakers Laurence and Trevor will travel to your venue to speak. This will include interactive sessions and possibly some small group work.
Venue You find and book a venue. This could be your own church premises, or a suitable venue nearby.
Content We offer several choices regarding content:

* Sowing Reaping Keeping (personal evangelism)

* Community evangelism ideas from Hope

* Discipleship in our modern environment

* Energise your cell/small group as a whole

* Cell group/small group Leader training

* Cell group/small group Coach training

* Introduction to cells/small groups

More than one of the above can be run on the same day, as a ‘multi-track day’, if there are enough delegates.

Choose the content for the day from the list on the left. Trevor and Laurence are happy to discuss with you if that would help.
Delegates If you are willing, we would hope to add a few delegates to your numbers by advertising to our mailing list and on our website. We ask that hosting churches find at least 30 people who would like to attend the day.
Bookings We would process the bookings and payment from people booking via our website. You would deal with the bookings and payment from your own members.
Helpers Please find 1 or 2 people to be on the welcome/registration table at the start of the day.

Please also find 1 or 2 people to run the Cell UK bookstall for us (instructions are provided).

Also you will need a couple of people to serve tea & coffee during the breaks.

Equipment Laurence will need a flipchart and pens.

Trevor will need a laptop & projector if available, to display silent advertising during the lunch break.

If a phone socket is nearby for our credit card machine that would be helpful.

Refreshment Delegates are usually asked to bring a packed lunch with them. Please provide hot & cold drinks and biscuits for the tea breaks. Please provide a sandwich lunch and bottles of water for Trevor and Laurence.


A typical day looks like this:

9.30am          Arrival and refreshments

10.00am          Introduction

10.30am          Session 1

11.30am          Break

12.00pm          Session 2

1.00pm          Lunch

1.45pm          Session 3

2.45pm          Break

3.00pm          Session 4

4.00pm          Close

or you can choose a three session day finishing at 3pm


Single track training days:      £20 per person, for bookings via Cell UK

Multi-track training days:       £25 per person, for bookings via Cell UK

Delegates from the hosting church: The Cell UK fee is £10 per person discounted rate for either single track or multi-track day. However, you might like to add an extra element to take account of your venue hire cost, refreshments etc.

Alternatively, we would be happy to discuss the option of a flat rate.

Contact us if you would like to discuss any of the above, or phone 07715 069939. We look forward to hearing from you.