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Discussion Group – Planting Small Groups

Planting Small Groups

Join us for an open discussion

Over the last few weeks a number of things have happened to convince me that now is a good opportunity for local churches to consider planting new small groups.

What do I mean by that?

As I have shared many times, there is plenty of evidence to show that Covid has forced change, and we know that change creates spiritual openness, so could this be the moment to do something new in our churches?

The way this could work is that your church appoints two people who, through a project, through a course, through a group of relationships, have the goal of planting a new small group over a period of two years.

What would this look like?

What we at Cell UK have seen when churches around the UK have stepped out in this form of new pioneering initiative is that the new group tends to attract several types of people: not only those seeking God, which is fantastic, but also believers who have fallen away from church, who are not connected to anything. Others are then won to faith through the group’s project, course or initiative and at the end of two years you have a well formed new small group.

If this interests you do consider joining myself and Trevor Withers for a discussion:

  • Thursday afternoon 22nd April
  • 2pm for 1 hour
  • Free to attend but please consider a donation

Email us on office@celluk.org.uk to register your interest and receive the Zoom link

Much of the outreach carried out by small groups is through networking and friendships, which is effective and powerful, but perhaps now is an opportunity to add small groups planting to our strategy. Perhaps now is the time to step beyond our existing relationships, and to pioneer something different?

So do consider joining us for an open discussion if this interests you, and please pass this information on to those who you think would value this opportunity.

After our discussion, I will also be offering two online training seminars for those who would find it helpful. You might like to gather for this training some potential people who might be interested in starting a pioneering small group. These seminars will be at 8pm on Wednesdays 12th and 19th May, click HERE to book.

This is part of a series of online discussions on relevant topics. Other topics and speakers will follow!

Your friend,

Laurence Singlehurst